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Stephen on his F.C. 13

As for the quality of the leather and workmanship:cutting, stitching, the furniture (metal work) is all perfect.

If I had picked this bag up in a shop I wouldn't have been surprised if the tag had double the price, it's that sort of quality.

Again Yoki thank you from bring this to us/me. Also thank you for your personal messages, easy going manner and general open and progressive thinker.

Audrey on her Alpha 13 alpha 13" fox is stunning and just the right size for me, the weight when load is very manageable loving it.

Jon on his F.C. 15

Hi Yoki, just got my FC 15. Loving it ! Thanks a lot. You get a billion high fives from me for a great job! Overall a brilliant work on this kickstarter campaign! 

NJS on his Wrap Notebook Cover

Really liking this setup at the moment. Reading + taking notes on a train used to be much more troublesome. With a journal wrap to keep everything in place, packing up now takes 5 seconds instead of 30! (Well, another 5 seconds to carefully insert the end of the leather wrap into the locking strap...) I still largely prefer ebooks for annotation, but notetaking with a physical book is now much more convenient thanks to Cravar's A5 Journal Wrap.

Nicki on her Alpha 13

YES! I got my Alpha last week and I've been showing it all around work. So many people are jealous, hahaha. Thanks so much for your hard work! I can't wait to support you guys more in the future!

Angela on her Wrap Notebook Cover and Cardholder

Put my moleskin journal inside and I'm ready to get writing, designing, and sketching. Thanks for making the effort to create quality products. Already gave the card holder to my mom (she had been using the tiny plastic baggy that was ready to fall apart) and she loves it.

Jay on his C.O. 13

Got my package last week. VERY pleased! My co-workers just loved the smell of the leather. Very proud to carry my bag and all the extras around! Thanks!

Christina on her Slot Notebook Cover

I am so happy as my CRAVAR package arrived today! :)

Everything looks awesome and I especially love the monogrammed initials on the journal cover. Very nicely done.

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