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Alex on his Alpha 13

A very simple looking bag that was actually engineered very precisely and with serious attention to details!

Mario on his Wrap Notebook Cover

After a few days with it, I really keep enjoying it and love the quality ..

Llama on his Slot Notebook Cover

Been using this for 2 weeks now, awesome quality as usual! Thanks heaps again Yoki! =D

David on his Alpha 13 and Cardholder

Holy smokes, before I even got the tracking code I received my package! Leather is stiff...for now and has a great rugged feel to it.

Just a few imperfections but that just shows the workmanship involved and the hands on involvement with the bag. (I got the Alpha 13 btw)

Loving the passport holder as well as the card holder.

Stephen on his F.C. 13

As for the quality of the leather and workmanship:cutting, stitching, the furniture (metal work) is all perfect.

If I had picked this bag up in a shop I wouldn't have been surprised if the tag had double the price, it's that sort of quality.

Again Yoki thank you from bring this to us/me. Also thank you for your personal messages, easy going manner and general open and progressive thinker.

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