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Chris on his Rana 13

The CRAVAR Rana 13 is a gorgeous leather messenger bag designed for the photographer. They’re made of all leather and have weather resistance built in alongside a number of other of standard features for can surely hold a lot of gear and it can double as a daily work bag.

Sally on her F.C. 15

From the very first point of contact Yoki was just... wonderful!! Quick to reply, amazing advice, generous with his time ... and just lovely to interact with. And my husbands gorgeous bag arrived yesterday. It is EXACTLY what I hoped it would be! The leather is stunning. It is extremely well made. In the words of my blogger/writer: “This is a great bag. I feel better about myself wearing it. It turns heads.”

I’m really excited for my husband to open this lush satchel on Christmas morning.

Thanks Yoki. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and Cravar!

Fani on her Rana 13

BENER-BENER seller terbaiikkk sepanjang masa. Barangnya super duper oke, dijamin gak akan menyesal. Kualitas barang gaperlu diragukan sama persis bagusnya seperti di gambar bener2 worth it dan sesuaiii banget dengan harganya. Respon super duper cepat, pengiriman pun aman dan cepat sekali. Bener2 puas banget dan seneng banget bisa menemukaan barangnya dan ditambah lagi seller nya juga luar biasa. Semoga sukses selalu yaa!!!

English translation : REALLY REALLY the best seller ever. The bag is super duper OK, guarantee you won't regret it. No need to doubt the quality, it's as good as the pictures showyou and really worth the price. Super duper fast response and shipment. I'm very satisfied and very happy to find this bag, plus the seller is just fantastic. All the best and much success!

Patrick on his Rana 10

You are really getting a fantastic bag here. This wasn’t a bag that was just slopped together, and marketed as something for a photographer. All one needs is a closer look, and one can tell that this bag was designed by photographers for photographers. One can tell that the people at Cravar have a passion for what they do, and that scores a lot of points for me. The quality, and all the little details are here.

As I mentioned in my review, the materials used are top notch, and the manufacturing is excellent, so the Rana 10 is made to last. At the same time, it also offers excellent protection for one’s gear, and plenty of customization to specifically suit an individual’s needs. Plus, the overall design itself is really good. Function wise, it’s more than just a good looking bag. It’s easy to use, and comfortable, so you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

The truth is, I’m kind of amazed that this was Cravar’s first attempt at making a series specifically targeting photographers because I feel the Rana 10 can definitely run with the big boys as they say. Bottom line is the Rana 10 is excellent, and deserving of a place in the premium leather bag world.

Cam on his Alpha 15

The Alpha is a bag I never want to stop using. This is a great bag. I feel better about myself for wearing it. It turns heads. There's no faffing about with florid semantics at Cravar; they do what they say they do, and they do it well: simple products with modern functionality and classic elegance that last, look good and stay practical. The Alpha, their first showpiece, is a finely and thoughtfully constructed, timeless satchel-briefcase, and certainly seems to live up to, and underscore, that mantra.

Matt on his F.C. 13

...this is by far the best messenger type bag I've ever owned and given the quality probably the last I will need to buy. I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent product and just speak to my experience dealing with you and the Cravar team.

From day one when I was considering purchasing a new bag you communication in answering my questions and providing me with information on your products was amazing! Right from the get go I was very confident I was dealing with a top notch company and you did not disappoint. Upon receiving my FC13 I was just as impressed, the materials and craftsmanship are fantastic and after using the bag for nearly a month now its only getting better as its starting to break in.

I'm very glad I decided to buy this bag and as I mentioned earlier this is a bag that will probably be with me for many years to come and perhaps handed down to my kids. I also have to add, the few extra bits your included were very much appreciated and I'm using them every day as well. Lastly, my wife has been using her wrap journal and loving it

Tim on his F.C. 15

it’s refreshing to see the F.C. 15 and the unique features that set it apart – the simple closure straps and the wrap around main flap. It’s a great bag, it’s well made, and it’s designed to be durable. It’s fairly priced and it’s backed with a simple, hassle free warranty.

Waraney on his F.C. 13

A happy customer here. Your bags can proudly compete with other brands out there, the ones most people refer to as respected big names in the industry. I'm a strong supporter of your bags, even before I actually own one. Keep up the good work.

Andrew on his Alpha 15

…it was everything I was hoping for and more. I love the look, feel, and shape, and it will only get better with use as it builds a patina. Seriously this is awesome! Thanks Yoki! Everything tactile about the bag is just awesome. The texture of the leather, the brass hardware, how it feels in your hands, all of that contributes to an awesome bag. I love it!

Wisman on his Rana 13 and Alpha 13

Komunikasi sangat lancar, cepat dan membantu, kirim secepat kilat, packing sangat bagus dengan kualitas tas sangat memuaskan sebanding dengan produk sejenis dari luar! VERY Recommended seller!

English translation : Very good, fast and helpful communication, shipped very fast, nicely packed and I'm very happy with the quality of the bags, on par with bags from other countries! VERY recommended seller!

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