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Nick on his F.C. 15

Best leather bag for men.

I am completely obsessed with my handcrafted F.C. 15 bag made by a tiny independent company called Cravar, based in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

For one, I know a lot of guys stress that if they’re going to get a leather bag it’s going to look like a purse, and Cravar did a great job of making this look like the kind of rugged, masculine bag Indiana Jones would wear. It looks outstanding with a canvas jacket, a chambray shirt, and anything in between.

The customer service is also fantastic. Their owner, Yoki, has flawless English and will answer any of your questions on the company’s Instagram DMs.

If this were made in the United States it’d certainly cost well over $500.

Domien on his C.O. 15

I am very happy with it! It’s a fantastic bag, the quality is even better than I expected. Exactly what I was looking for!

Best combination of quality/style and practicality for the money.

A on his Alpha 13

I usually don’t write reviews but this is just too much quality not to say anything, you should be very proud of your quality and standards.

James on his Alpha 15

Cravar Alpha 15 has the most value for money. It is made of very high quality full grain vegetable tanned leather with solid brass hardware The construction is so solid that I can easily knock someone unconscious。

I can testify that the quality is easily similar to my other briefcases that cost 4 times more.

Young on his F.C. 15

I'm REALLY impressed at your workmanship, the finishing, and the prompt delivery...This is one "more-than-satisfied customer" who will be letting people know about Cravar.

Yohei Yuki on his Alpha 15

偶然ネットで見つけ、一目惚れして買ったCravar Alpha 15。


David on his F.C. 13

David got his F.C. 13/Espresso (it was called Rust back then) in 2015, here's what he has to say about it in 2015 and 2019.

2019 : Just checking in for fun. Three and a half years on and the F.C. 13 is still going strong. Several times around the world for work and every day use to and from the office. I gave it a leather treatment last weekend and it looks like new! It is still perfect for my needs! Well done on a quality product.

2015 : Just checking in after about 4 weeks of use. The F.C. 13 in rust is performing flawlessly. First trip 34,000 air miles, six airports, a dozen uber rides, hotels, meetings etc, plus every day carry since it arrived. It carrys everything I need effortlessly and looks almost brand new. A few scuffs on the back, a little cosmetic wear on the corners, straps have a bit of a curl, but travel is tough and its beautiful. I'm one satisfied customer :-)

Kacey on her F.C. 13

This bag is literally exactly what I was looking for...The size, quality, aesthetic, everything, is perfect....Their killer quality, communication, and customer care is what will make me recommend them to everyone I know!

Carl on his F.C. 15

Cravar is an Indonesian leather maker who offer a small yet refined collection of goods. Their F.C. Bag in particular caught my eye due to its unique design which combines elements of messenger bag, satchel, and field bag to create a thoroughly useful design. Around every corner are brilliant solutions to typical problems, like no hardware penetrating the interior of the bag so your gadgets remain scratch free. Of course they use the good stuff: full grain veg tanned leather, solid brass hardware, it's all here to ensure this bag ages gracefully and becomes a trusty companion over the years...

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