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David on his F.C. 13

David got his F.C. 13/Espresso (it was called Rust back then) in 2015, here's what he has to say about it in 2015 and 2019.

2019 : Just checking in for fun. Three and a half years on and the F.C. 13 is still going strong. Several times around the world for work and every day use to and from the office. I gave it a leather treatment last weekend and it looks like new! It is still perfect for my needs! Well done on a quality product.

2015 : Just checking in after about 4 weeks of use. The F.C. 13 in rust is performing flawlessly. First trip 34,000 air miles, six airports, a dozen uber rides, hotels, meetings etc, plus every day carry since it arrived. It carrys everything I need effortlessly and looks almost brand new. A few scuffs on the back, a little cosmetic wear on the corners, straps have a bit of a curl, but travel is tough and its beautiful. I'm one satisfied customer :-)

Kacey on her F.C. 13

This bag is literally exactly what I was looking for...The size, quality, aesthetic, everything, is perfect....Their killer quality, communication, and customer care is what will make me recommend them to everyone I know!

Carl on his F.C. 15

Cravar is an Indonesian leather maker who offer a small yet refined collection of goods. Their F.C. Bag in particular caught my eye due to its unique design which combines elements of messenger bag, satchel, and field bag to create a thoroughly useful design. Around every corner are brilliant solutions to typical problems, like no hardware penetrating the interior of the bag so your gadgets remain scratch free. Of course they use the good stuff: full grain veg tanned leather, solid brass hardware, it's all here to ensure this bag ages gracefully and becomes a trusty companion over the years...

Tim on his Alpha 15

What can I say, I am an expat living in Jakarta and I love the fact that Cravar bags are made in Indonesia by Indonesians with all Indonesian materials. It took me a long time to decide to pull the trigger, as I wanted a bag that I could one day (dreaming) pass it onto my son. Well, after awesome customer service and very personalized communication, I bought the Alpha 15.

After receiving it, super quick via the best delivery service in the world, Go-Jek, I am super super happy with the bag. I love it more and more everyday. The workmanship and materials are absolutely first rate. I got my initials stamped on the bag and one day, I wanted to get it stamped again with my sons initials under mine, this is a bag that will last a lifetime, perhaps two lifetimes, mine and my sons.

The Alpha is very rugged and stylish and will take everything that I will throw at it. Although right now I am so careful with it, because it is a work of art. That’s right a work of art. Company founder Yoki, deserves all the awards that should come to him. He is doing a great thing for Indonesia by putting it on the world stage for design and employing local professionals. I will never need another bag, although I want buy another one, just because. When I get stopped in the street, and I do, I cannot help by the sing the praises of Alpha and the Cravar company.

Patrick on his Rana 15

The Rana 15 is really well-made from excellent materials, it offers superb protection for your gear, and it is made to last. The attention to the little details like the small leather tabs on the stack dividers, the stitching or the laptop divider that serves multiple purposes show me the designers weren’t just trying to produce any old bag, and charge a premium just to make money.

They really care about their product, and therefore, put serious thought and time into making a great one for their customers. So, if you’ve been looking around for a premium leather bag for a decent size photographic setup, the beautifully crafted Rana 15 is definitely a bag that you should take into consideration.

Chris on his Rana 13

The CRAVAR Rana 13 is a gorgeous leather messenger bag designed for the photographer. They’re made of all leather and have weather resistance built in alongside a number of other of standard features for can surely hold a lot of gear and it can double as a daily work bag.

Sally on her F.C. 15

From the very first point of contact Yoki was just... wonderful!! Quick to reply, amazing advice, generous with his time ... and just lovely to interact with. And my husbands gorgeous bag arrived yesterday. It is EXACTLY what I hoped it would be! The leather is stunning. It is extremely well made. In the words of my blogger/writer: “This is a great bag. I feel better about myself wearing it. It turns heads.”

I’m really excited for my husband to open this lush satchel on Christmas morning.

Thanks Yoki. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and Cravar!

Fani on her Rana 13

BENER-BENER seller terbaiikkk sepanjang masa. Barangnya super duper oke, dijamin gak akan menyesal. Kualitas barang gaperlu diragukan sama persis bagusnya seperti di gambar bener2 worth it dan sesuaiii banget dengan harganya. Respon super duper cepat, pengiriman pun aman dan cepat sekali. Bener2 puas banget dan seneng banget bisa menemukaan barangnya dan ditambah lagi seller nya juga luar biasa. Semoga sukses selalu yaa!!!

English translation : REALLY REALLY the best seller ever. The bag is super duper OK, guarantee you won't regret it. No need to doubt the quality, it's as good as the pictures showyou and really worth the price. Super duper fast response and shipment. I'm very satisfied and very happy to find this bag, plus the seller is just fantastic. All the best and much success!

Patrick on his Rana 10

You are really getting a fantastic bag here. This wasn’t a bag that was just slopped together, and marketed as something for a photographer. All one needs is a closer look, and one can tell that this bag was designed by photographers for photographers. One can tell that the people at Cravar have a passion for what they do, and that scores a lot of points for me. The quality, and all the little details are here.

As I mentioned in my review, the materials used are top notch, and the manufacturing is excellent, so the Rana 10 is made to last. At the same time, it also offers excellent protection for one’s gear, and plenty of customization to specifically suit an individual’s needs. Plus, the overall design itself is really good. Function wise, it’s more than just a good looking bag. It’s easy to use, and comfortable, so you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

The truth is, I’m kind of amazed that this was Cravar’s first attempt at making a series specifically targeting photographers because I feel the Rana 10 can definitely run with the big boys as they say. Bottom line is the Rana 10 is excellent, and deserving of a place in the premium leather bag world.

Cam on his Alpha 15

The Alpha is a bag I never want to stop using. This is a great bag. I feel better about myself for wearing it. It turns heads. There's no faffing about with florid semantics at Cravar; they do what they say they do, and they do it well: simple products with modern functionality and classic elegance that last, look good and stay practical. The Alpha, their first showpiece, is a finely and thoughtfully constructed, timeless satchel-briefcase, and certainly seems to live up to, and underscore, that mantra.

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