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Pete on his Alpha 13

Hi, just wanted to note I received my bag several weeks ago and am thrilled with the aesthetic and quality. Well done. Great value. Thanks.

Michael on his Passport Sleeve

Just traveled through Europe and loved having my passport sleeve with me. It looks so great! I've also been using the card case as a wallet, and that has been working out great.

Sylvia on her Wrap Notebook Cover

I picked up my journal yesterday and it's beautiful! Very impressed with the quality of your product and customer service overall :)

Tish on her F.C. 15 and Notebook Covers

Super excited!!! just received my FC BAG AND journals....LOVE THEM!

Thanks for a great product and amazing customer service...ya are the BEST! HIGH QUALITY STUFF!!!

Michael on his Wrap Notebook Cover

Just picked up the wrap journal from the post office today (it arrived a week ago, thank you), with my wife's initials, one day before her birthday. Beautiful journal, she's going to love it. And I'll be a future customer as well, I'm sure.

Karthik on his Alpha 15

Received my alpha just before Christmas, and brought it to the office today. Awesome, just awesome!

ZarK on his Alpha 15, F.C. 15 and the discontinued Alpha 10

I've been using my Cravar bags for a good 5-6 weeks now and many trips. And I love them! They look awesome, feel awesome and certainly attract some attention.

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