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Tim on his Alpha 15

What can I say, I am an expat living in Jakarta and I love the fact that Cravar bags are made in Indonesia by Indonesians with all Indonesian materials. It took me a long time to decide to pull the trigger, as I wanted a bag that I could one day (dreaming) pass it onto my son. Well, after awesome customer service and very personalized communication, I bought the Alpha 15.

After receiving it, super quick via the best delivery service in the world, Go-Jek, I am super super happy with the bag. I love it more and more everyday. The workmanship and materials are absolutely first rate. I got my initials stamped on the bag and one day, I wanted to get it stamped again with my sons initials under mine, this is a bag that will last a lifetime, perhaps two lifetimes, mine and my sons.

The Alpha is very rugged and stylish and will take everything that I will throw at it. Although right now I am so careful with it, because it is a work of art. That’s right a work of art. Company founder Yoki, deserves all the awards that should come to him. He is doing a great thing for Indonesia by putting it on the world stage for design and employing local professionals. I will never need another bag, although I want buy another one, just because. When I get stopped in the street, and I do, I cannot help by the sing the praises of Alpha and the Cravar company.

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