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Patrick on his Rana 10

You are really getting a fantastic bag here. This wasn’t a bag that was just slopped together, and marketed as something for a photographer. All one needs is a closer look, and one can tell that this bag was designed by photographers for photographers. One can tell that the people at Cravar have a passion for what they do, and that scores a lot of points for me. The quality, and all the little details are here.

As I mentioned in my review, the materials used are top notch, and the manufacturing is excellent, so the Rana 10 is made to last. At the same time, it also offers excellent protection for one’s gear, and plenty of customization to specifically suit an individual’s needs. Plus, the overall design itself is really good. Function wise, it’s more than just a good looking bag. It’s easy to use, and comfortable, so you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

The truth is, I’m kind of amazed that this was Cravar’s first attempt at making a series specifically targeting photographers because I feel the Rana 10 can definitely run with the big boys as they say. Bottom line is the Rana 10 is excellent, and deserving of a place in the premium leather bag world.

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