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Matt on his F.C. 13

...this is by far the best messenger type bag I've ever owned and given the quality probably the last I will need to buy. I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent product and just speak to my experience dealing with you and the Cravar team.

From day one when I was considering purchasing a new bag you communication in answering my questions and providing me with information on your products was amazing! Right from the get go I was very confident I was dealing with a top notch company and you did not disappoint. Upon receiving my FC13 I was just as impressed, the materials and craftsmanship are fantastic and after using the bag for nearly a month now its only getting better as its starting to break in.

I'm very glad I decided to buy this bag and as I mentioned earlier this is a bag that will probably be with me for many years to come and perhaps handed down to my kids. I also have to add, the few extra bits your included were very much appreciated and I'm using them every day as well. Lastly, my wife has been using her wrap journal and loving it

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