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Fani on her Rana 13

BENER-BENER seller terbaiikkk sepanjang masa. Barangnya super duper oke, dijamin gak akan menyesal. Kualitas barang gaperlu diragukan sama persis bagusnya seperti di gambar bener2 worth it dan sesuaiii banget dengan harganya. Respon super duper cepat, pengiriman pun aman dan cepat sekali. Bener2 puas banget dan seneng banget bisa menemukaan barangnya dan ditambah lagi seller nya juga luar biasa. Semoga sukses selalu yaa!!!

English translation : REALLY REALLY the best seller ever. The bag is super duper OK, guarantee you won't regret it. No need to doubt the quality, it's as good as the pictures showyou and really worth the price. Super duper fast response and shipment. I'm very satisfied and very happy to find this bag, plus the seller is just fantastic. All the best and much success!

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